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Schools of History

There's a lot of schools that are teaching History classes. Even in every city or town they conduct a teaching process of history. Because it's really Important to us each and every Individuals knows what happen on the past and be knowledgeable on the present. So that our believes will not be dethrone easily. Every schools teach that the father of History is Herodotus it's all start from him. Now some of the schools continues what Herodotus starts this are the some schools that has a great Influence on History. The common one is the Annales School which is very famous one this school was develop on the 20th century by French Historians. Along from the so many books and monographs The school became Most Influential in delivering Histography in Franceand not only France also from the other countries especially regarding with the topics of Social Scientific methods by the Historians, Diplomatic themes which this topics delivered well. Until it's became phenomenon and embrace the knowledge by the other schools. And now in our generation 2000's. This are the top graduate schools for historywhich Graduate degree in history involves analysis, research and presentations the top 3 schools that keep teaching a high value of education in History. Princeton University , University of California?Berkeley, Harvard University.

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